A look back at the Neuromed Workshop in Avignon

On June 12 and 13, Neuromed organized a high-level workshop at the Novotel Hotel in Avignon, bringing together its partners to immerse themselves in the technological advances of our products, as well as best practices in neurodiagnostics for practitioners wishing to improve their expertise.

This event, a veritable meeting point for health and technology professionals, provided an opportunity to deepen knowledge of leading products and exchange views on major innovations.

Here’s a look back at this enriching workshop led by recognized experts in their field…

An event focused on expertise

Four expert speakers led the various workshop sessions, contributing their expertise and vision of current and future technologies through numerous demonstrations:

aleksey ivanov

Aleksey Ivanov
EEG Product Manager

ivan loginov

Ivan Loginov
TMS Product Manager

mikhail babaev

Mikhail Babaev
EMG Product Manager

mikhail soganov

Mikhail Soganov
Audiology Product Manager

These specialists shared their knowledge and experience, tackling key issues in neurological diagnosis and treatment.

Advanced use of our software and hardware solutions

EEG parameters and acquisition

Aleksey Ivanov began with a detailed presentation of the Neuron-Spectrum.NET software, highlighting its flexibility and customization options. Neuromed Europe participants and partners were able to discover how to adjust software parameters, including fixtures, acquisition and analysis styles, as well as the user interface.

The focus was on EEG acquisition functionalities, such as electrode positioning during impedance measurement, automatic recording of functional tests and the use of voice commands by patients. Navigation tools for visual EEG analysis were also presented, facilitating the review of recordings.

EEG analysis and reporting

The second part delved into EEG analysis with advanced tools such as automatic detection of epileptiform activity, amplitude and spectral analysis, and topographical maps. Aleksey Ivanov also presented the new EEG report generation system, explaining how to use the report template editor and glossary.

Features for exporting EEG examinations in various formats (EDF, EDF+, BDF, EDF+Video) were also discussed, as were cloud storage options andintegration with hospital information systems (HIS).

neuromed europe workshop avignon 2024
Neuromed Europe workshop in Avignon (2024)

EMG innovations and diagnostic applications

What’s new in EMG

Mikhail Babaev presented the latest innovations in electromyography (EMG), including newF-wave traces from the motor conduction velocity test, export to Tremoroton, and support for two video cameras.

Advanced features such as the estimation of the number of motor units (MU) in the CMAP SCAN test and the divided hand index were also studied.

Diagnostic application of transcranial magnetic stimulation

Ivan Loginov illustrated the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with the Neuro-MS and Neuro-MEP.NET systems. Paired stimulation and TMS-EEG techniques were explored, as well as predefined protocols and motor threshold (MT) determination with Neuro-MS.NET. Applications in physiatry, neurology and pediatrics were highlighted, demonstrating the effectiveness of these technologies in various medical specialties.

Audiology solutions and applications

Tympanometry and acoustic reflex

Mikhail Soganov closed the workshop by presenting Neuromed’s audiological solutions. Tympanometry and acoustic reflex were discussed in detail, including test descriptions, clinical applications and examination procedures.

Otoacoustic emissions and auditory evoked responses

Participants also explored otoacoustic emissions (OAE) and auditory brainstem evoked responses (ABR, ASSR), with hands-on demonstrations and discussions of optimized workflows for each test.

workshop neuromed europe avignon
Neuromed Europe workshop in Avignon (2024)

This Neuromed expert workshop in Avignon was a real success, enabling participating partners to familiarize themselves with the latest technological advances and exchange views with internationally renowned experts.

Neuromed continues to position itself as a leader in neurotechnologies, offering innovative, high-performance solutions to improve clinical practices.

This type of event is essential to maintain a high level of expertise among all our partners with whom Neuromed collaborates. It’s also an opportunity to guarantee a high level of competence/mastery and innovation to all our customers/partners in the healthcare sector.

The Neuromed teams would like to thank all Workshop 2024 participants!