• 3 acquisition channels for faster examination than ever
  • All-in-one: stimulators, amplifier, keyboard in one compact, lightweight package
  • Electrical stimulator with unipolar and bipolar pulse waveforms
  • Superior signal quality with innovative circuitry for sophisticated filtering, noise suppression and stimulation artifact reduction.


3 acquisition channels for faster examination than ever

Smooth, fast and simple as one, two, three: record motor response using the first channel, sensory response using the second channel and needle EMG using the third channel. No more reconnecting cables, let them serve longer!

NCS and EMG with needle according to international standards

Using the Litebox, you can perform almost all known EMG and EP techniques. Over the last few decades, technical standards have been accepted and established. These include special algorithms to study different pathologies, calculations for each test, reference values, etc. It is very important for a professional to be equipped with all the techniques, even if some of them are not used very often. The list of tests performed with the Litebox meets international standards for EMG and PE studies.

All in one: stimulators, amplifier, keyboard in a single compact and lightweight case.

Everything you need for evoked potential acquisition: built-in auditory-visual stimulators with outputs for connecting a pattern monitor, LED glasses for VEP and headphones for AEP. The auditory stimulator has click and tone pulse waveforms.

The dedicated keyboard is designed to facilitate control of the examination by allowing quick access to key actions without the use of the computer keyboard and mouse.
The buttons for setting the stimulus amplitude, starting the stimulation, delivering a single pulse, measuring the impedance, etc. are always at your fingertips.

Electrical stimulator with unipolar and bipolar pulse waveforms

The Litebox has a built-in electrical stimulator, which can produce both unipolar and bipolar waveforms. The bipolar stimulus waveform is the next level of artifact reduction!

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