Neuro MS/D Advanced Therapeutic


  • Advanced solution for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS)
  • Stimulation of 20 Hz with an intensity of 100
  • Number of pulses generated during a session – up to 10000
  • Neuro-MS.NET software to control the magnetic stimulator
  • 3-minute depression treatment protocol


Advanced configuration for rTMS

The advanced therapeutic configuration of the Neuro-MS/D covers all clinical needs of rTMS practitioners. The convenient cart-based system includes a high-frequency, high-intensity stimulator with an efficient cooling system and a convenient flexible arm for coil positioning.

Stimulation of 20 Hz with an intensity of 100

The advanced therapy configuration offers the ability to quadruple the maximum effective stimulation frequency (the frequency at which each serial stimulus has an intensity of 100% of motor threshold for most people) (up to 20 Hz) with an additional power unit.

Number of pulses generated during a session – up to 10,000

The cooling unit and cooled coils (included in the delivery kit) are designed to prevent the coils from overheating during long treatment sessions. The cooling unit itself consists of a tank containing the coolant, a pump circulating the coolant through the coil and the refrigerator. The unit allows for increased continuous operation up to 10,000 pulses without overheating. In practice, this means that the stimulator can run for hours without overheating.

Neuro-MS.NET software to control the magnetic stimulator

This delivery kit includes the special Neuro-MS.NET software that allows to customize all the stimulation protocols. This software maintains the patient database, determines the motor response threshold, and controls the pathways and stimulation sessions. You can perform stimulation according to predefined protocols, but also create your own protocols or customize the predefined stimulation programs.

In the advanced therapy configuration, rapid stimulation protocols with a frequency of up to 100 Hz as well as theta-burst stimulation (TMS) are available.

Predefined protocols are used for the treatment of depression, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, tinnitus, etc.

3-minute depression treatment protocol

Neuro-MS.NET is now equipped with a new protocol for the treatment of short-term depression.
In accordance with clinical trials conducted by leading research hospitals in Canada*, in patients with treatment-resistant depression, iTBS was non-inferior to 10 Hz rTMS for the treatment of depression. Both treatments had low dropout rates and similar side effect, safety and tolerability profiles. With iTBS, the number of patients treated per day with current rTMS devices can be increased by several times without compromising clinical effectiveness.
Thus, the 3-minute treatment is as safe and effective for the treatment of depression as conventional TMS.

Applications: psychiatry and neurology

The principle of therapeutic magnetic stimulation is based on the following elements The magnetic stimulator uses magnetic pulses of short duration. The resulting high intensity electromagnetic field easily penetrates clothing, skull bones and soft tissue. It influences the deep nerve centers, peripheral nerves, brain and spinal cord, which are inaccessible to other types of stimulation.

This stimulation is commonly used to treat depression (including severe and drug-resistant depression), tinnitus. In addition, positive and encouraging results have been obtained in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and other neurological and psychiatric diseases.


Treatment of depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, mania and other psychiatric disorders.


Treatment of central and peripheral nervous system disorders: neuropathic pain, strokes, migraines, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, tinnitus, etc.

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