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The smallest in the world, but powerful

This tiny device from EOA looks like a probe connected to an Android device. The aScreen combines noise rejection capability with accurate calibration to optimize test quality. The result is top-of-the-line performance that allows EOA recording faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Fast and accurate EOA acquisition

It can perform EOAT and DPEOA tests in seconds. Intuitive touch controls, quick to master and easy to use.

Configurable test templates

The aScreen comes with a set of predefined test patterns that are suitable for the most common recording conditions. Use them or create your own template to get better results every time. Set the noise level, intensity, SNR success criteria, number of frequencies for validation and other parameters.

Android compatible

The aScreen is a new generation of EOA hearing screening devices. It works with many Android-based smartphones and tablets that have USB On-The-Go functionality. All you need to choose is a device with the battery capacity and screen size you are comfortable with.

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