Computerized Audiometer CA350/CA450


Range of computerized audiometers from the second audiometer to clinical audiology.


The CA350 / CA450 line of computerized audiometers covers, with its different configurations, the requirements from the second audiometer to clinical audiology, while being optimized for maximum efficiency in daily use.

  • CA350 Tone & Speech Audiometer with air & bone conduction, Freifled, without integrated power amplifier
  • CA450 Air & Bone Conduction Tone & Speech Audiometer, Freifled with integrated power amplifier

The device itself takes a back seat and can be mounted under the audiometry table or on the wall of the audiometry booth to save space.

The audioApp audiometry software relieves the audiologist of all unnecessary manipulations and allows him or her to concentrate on the audiometry!

Product features

  • 2-channel voice and sound audiometer
  • 4 transducer outputs (air duct R/L, bone duct, free field R/L and Aux R/L for e.g. insert earphones or high end audiometry)
  • Standard frequency range of the air duct: 125Hz to 8kHz
  • Standard bone conduction frequency range: 250 to 4kHz
  • Manual and floating anaesthesia with narrowband and broadband noise and speech-covering noise
  • Signal modulation: pure tone, wobble, pulsed tone
  • Integrated Fribourg language test with individual word selection and randomized group selection and word reproduction
  • Voice testing from hard disk via PC software and live voice testing, Westras Wave audiometry
  • Supraliminal tests: SISI, Fowler, Stenger, Langenbeck Sound audiometry, determination of tinnitus with narrow band sound / noise,
    Tinnitus masking with narrowband / broadband noise, Lüscher
  • Patient communication: call and recall function and patient response button
  • Line input R/L
  • USB interface, galvanic isolation

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