Clinical Audiometer KA450

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Presentation of Clinical Audiometer KA450

The KA450 is a high quality two-channel clinical audiometer that does not require a PC or network connection to operate.

However, it is fully integrated into our audioApp software. The use can then be done as needed on the device and via the software.

Classic audiogram forms can also be filled out very easily with the optional LED matrix.

The Freiburg language test is stored on a memory card in the device and saves you the trouble of working with a CD player.

Many extensions via our audio application

  • Integration of a large number of language tests via Wesra Wave audiometry
  • Integration with various tympanometers and OAE devices from different manufacturers
  • Integration with Windows and MacOS practice management systems
  • Printing of results in different forms, including the HG order
  • Combination of several results in a common expression
  • Integration with database systems such as Innoforce ENTstatistics and Diagnostic Manager

A well thought-out design

The KA450 features details that take into account the frequency at which audiometry is performed in the office and clinic.

  • Ergonomic hand rest
  • Magnetic rotary knobs for exceptional durability and ease of use
  • The arrangement of the keys in 3 zones: the keys needed during the test are arranged around the rotary encoders.
  • fully retractable housing in the tables
  • Thus, all cables can be elegantly placed in the audiometry table.
  • No more ripping out headphone cables

Product features

  • 2-channel voice and sound audiometer
  • 4 transducer outputs (air duct R/L, bone duct, free field R/L and Aux R/L for e.g. insert earphones or high end audiometry)
  • Standard frequency range of the air duct: 125Hz to 8kHz
  • Standard bone conduction frequency range: 250 to 4kHz
  • Manual and floating anaesthesia with narrowband and broadband noise and speech-covering noise
  • Signal modulation: pure tone, wobble, pulsed tone
  • Integrated Fribourg language test with individual word selection and randomized group selection and word reproduction
  • Voice testing from hard disk via PC software and live voice testing, Westras Wave audiometry
  • Supraliminal tests: SISI, Fowler, Stenger, Langenbeck Sound audiometry, determination of tinnitus with narrow band sound / noise,
  • Tinnitus masking with narrowband / broadband noise, Lüscher
  • Patient communication: call and recall function and patient response button
  • Line input R/L
  • USB interface, galvanic isolation
  • Integrated screen
  • Integrated free field amplifier
  • Two high quality rotary encoders with magnetic bearings
  • Closed user interface, easy to disinfect

Features of Clinical Audiometer KA450

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