Presentation of Audio Smart

Key Features:

  • true hybrid – OAE, ABR and tympanometry in one powerful device
  • Automated OAE and ABR Hearing Screening
  • Truly portable middle ear analyzer
  • High frequency tympanometry
  • ABR test with the Jewett wave V marker
  • Simple and user-friendly touch screen interface

True hybrid – OAE, ABR and tympanometry in one powerful device

Audio-SMART is a state-of-the-art system that combines our experience with the best modern technologies. Developed for future needs, it meets all current requirements for hearing screening and diagnosis. You can perform both a rapid hearing screening (TEOAE, DPOAE, AABR, ABR) and a complete middle ear examination, including tympanometry, eustachian tube function test, acoustic reflex and acoustic reflex decay tests.

Audio-SMART is a multi-function handheld device with a large color touch screen, built-in memory card and modular Android software that can be easily customized to meet your needs. Don’t spend money on a new device – you can start with a module, then add features as needed.

Automated OAE and ABR Hearing Screening

The newborn hearing screening program has two stages.

  1. Stage 1 (Screening): This stage includes OAE hearing screening of all newborns 3 to 4 days of age at perinatal centers.
  2. Stage 2 (diagnostics): OAE, ABR and other hearing tests are for infants less than 3 months of age who were referred in Stage 1 or for all infants with risk factors for hearing loss.

The audio-SMART system is well suited for both stages of hearing screening. In step 1, automated TEOAE, DPOAE, and ABR recordings are recommended for at-risk groups to detect patients with auditory neuropathy/desynchronization.

The advanced algorithm of analysis of the response in the frequency range allows recording in difficult conditions, to important electromagnetic interferences.

Truly portable middle ear analyzer

Audio-SMART is the best solution for mobile on-site hearing tests with a high level of diagnosis. The system can operate in stand-alone mode for a long time and, thanks to its large memory, an almost unlimited number of examinations can be stored. The Audio-SMART system comes in a lightweight, comfortable bag for easy transport and storage of the unit and its accessories.

High frequency tympanometry

High frequency tympanometry (1000 Hz probe tone) is recommended for hearing assessment of neonates and infants. You can easily select the probe tone and air pressure range. Up to 4 tympanograms with different settings can be obtained during a session. The system can automatically stop the examination when the maximum tympanogram pressure is detected. This helps to reduce testing time and protect the ear from overpressure.

ABR test with the Jewett wave V marker

If a patient has a “Refer” result on the hearing screening, an ABR test is performed to perform a diagnostic audiology evaluation. In this case, the Audio-SMART system would be very useful. You can record ABR waves with different stimulus intensities during an examination, set a marker on the V wave for latency measurement and generate a latency intensity table. The device has a switchable input. The electrodes can be switched automatically according to the side of stimulation when the mastoid mount is used. You do not have to worry about repositioning the electrodes during the test.

Simple and intuitive touch screen interface

The Audio-SMART system has a large touch screen with an intuitive graphical interface. Whatever function is required, it is always at hand. Enter the patient’s data, start the test, then view and print the results with the touch of your finger.

Features of Audio Smart


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