Bio Feedback Kit


  • Comprehensive interactive content for biofeedback
  • Dual and multi-channel EEG acquisition
  • Training using EEG, HR, EMG, respiratory rate, GSR, SpO2, temperature
  • The software is compatible with all Neurosoft EEG systems


Neuron-Spectrum-1 / Biofeedback (BFB) allows for extensive customization of training profiles for each patient, using a wide range of BFBs.

The Neuron-Spectrum.NET/BFB software allows you to evaluate the success of the training and automatically generate the report.

Comprehensive interactive content for biofeedback

The Neuron-Spectrum-1 / BFB software integrates training protocols in which the physiological signal obtained can be associated with images, photos, movies, games and music. The specialist can choose from a variety of options or even use his own.

Neurofeedback – training using EEG parameters

Standard alpha-theta training and beta training are implemented in the Neuron-Spectrum-1 / BFB software, but you can still create the individual training program for each patient. We do not limit the number of EEG channels – you can perform the training using up to 21 EEG channels.

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