Presentation of Neuron Spectrum 5

The Neuron-Spectrum-5 device inherited the unique hardware architecture and high quality signal amplification and digitization of previous versions of Neurosoft’s digital EEG systems.

The robust amplifier and various simulators are combined in a compact electronic unit attached to the PC and powered via a USB cable.

The modern software with a wide range of examination options with flexible user interface ensures a simple workflow and optimized EEG diagnosis.

32 EEG channels + 9 additional channels

32-channel EEG system with a large number of high-quality polygraph channels that can be used for the acquisition of all physiological signals from EOG to short-latency EP. Connect two amplifiers to a PC to obtain a complete 64-channel EEG system for remote monitoring, research and advanced brain mapping.

11 types of EEG analysis, including online/offline mapping and epileptiform activity detection

The software provided with the digital EEG and EP systems has a range of different analysis types. It includes: amplitude, spectral, periodometric, correlation, cross-correlation, coherent, comparative, wavelet, independent component and epileptiform activity. The software can generate two- and three-dimensional brain maps of the entire recording or the selected trace fragment. All results are synchronized with the recorded tracks

Impedance measurement button on the EEG unit near a patient

To make it easier to use the device, we have equipped it with a practical button. It allows a physician to measure impedance on the spot right after placing electrodes on a patient. There is no need to press buttons on a computer. The impedance values of all electrodes are indicated on the front panel by colored LED indicators. In addition, this button allows you to monitor and record EEG signals.

12 options to expand the device’s functions

It is possible to expand the functionality of the system by 12 different options, which add long-term monitoring, polysomnography, brain function monitoring, EP, EMG and short and long latency ERG capabilities.

Features of Neuron Spectrum 5


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