Presentation of Neuron Spectrum AM

A complete set of poly-graphic channels for PSG recording.

21 channels of high quality EEG acquisition with up to 1000 Hz sampling.

One battery charge is sufficient for an acquisition of more than 24 hours in the autonomous mode.

Up to one thousand hours of examinations can be recorded on the SD memory card of up to 32 GB.

Synchronous video recording with analog and network cameras (including wireless).

Fully autonomous recorder for ambulatory monitoring examinations with video.

The wireless connection to the PC allows patients to feel comfortable during the examination and the EEG specialist to perform real-time analysis.

Other functions

The continuous impedance measurement during the acquisition allows to keep an appropriate placement of the electrodes in time.

Monitoring of recorded data with online epileptiform activity detection and calculation of vital parameters (HR, airflow, SpO2)

A warning message to inform when the patient parameters exceed the specified level is sent to the specified email address. It allows the EEG specialist to monitor the patient’s condition at all times.

The delayed acquisition start option is intended to start or stop the acquisition at the selected time. This is especially useful for PSG records.

Hot swapping of batteries during acquisition allows for long term examinations (up to several days).

Neuron-Spectrum-AM creates a backup copy of the examination performed on the SD memory card to avoid loss of information, even if the patients leave the Wi-Fi zone. This data can be downloaded to a PC, tablet or smartphone via Wi-Fi.

Advantages of the pocket recorder

  • Patients feel comfortable and can move freely within the examination area.
  • Long-term EEG recordings.
  • Patients can be recorded in a comfortable environment (e.g. at home).
  • Continuous monitoring of the acquisition process.

Features of Neuron Spectrum AM


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