Neuron-Spectrum 61 to 65

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Presentation of Neuron-Spectrum 61 to 65

EEG channels + AC/DC differential channels

Each electronic unit has a number of EEG channels and additional differential channels for ECG, EOG, EMG recording.

Depending on the type of work you are supposed to do, you can choose the appropriate system: Neuron-Spectrum-61 to 65 in the appropriate configurations.

Continuous impedance monitoring during acquisition

Color-coded impedance indicators on the amplifier inputs help the specialist to assess the quality of the impedance during acquisition and to reposition the electrodes if necessary.

You can also change the mode using a single button on the front panel of the unit. A special indicator will show whether the unit is in acquisition mode or impedance measurement mode.

Multiple options: PSG, EP, LTM, BFB, CFM, etc.

Using different software modules and hardware, you can customize your system for aEEG, LTM, BFB, PSG, etc. Match the modules to your current needs and upgrade when your expectations change!

For routine EEG, we recommend Neuron-Spectrum 63 :

  • 21 EEG channels, 1 ECG channel, 6 differential channels for EOG, ECG, EMG
  • A reference electrode (21 EEG channels), an A1 electrode, an A2 electrode (19 EEG channels) or a CZ electrode (20 EEG channels) can be used as reference electrode
  • Auditory, visual and cognitive stimulators
  • Acquisition of a long-latency EP

For continuous EEG video monitoring, we recommend Neuron-Spectrum 64 with additional equipment and software for video recording:

  • 25 EEG channels, dedicated ECG and EOG channels, 6 additional differential channels
  • Continuous synchronous video recording with up to 3 network cameras
  • Automatic detection of spikes and other paroxysmal events

Neuron-Spectrum 65 can be used as a scalable PSG recorder (AASM type I sleep monitor):

  • Full range of AASM-compliant PSG channels
  • Portable patient unit for quick connection/disconnection
  • Synchronous video surveillance
  • Automatic shutdown and PSG event detection
  • CC channels for data transfer to Neuron-Spectrum.NET software during CPAP titration

Neuron-Spectrum-61 with a special software module is an optimal choice for biofeedback and neurofeedback training.

  • Multi-channel data recording (EEG, ECG, EMG, respiration, SpO2, photoplethysmography)
  • Audio and visual commentary (animation, games, photos, music, video)
  • Ongoing monitoring of training success

State-of-the-art mathematical analysis techniques

During the EEG analysis, spikes, spike waves and epileptiform discharges are detected and marked automatically in the Neuron-Spectrum.NET software.

The high quality of the EEG is ensured by the smoothing of the traces. Advanced navigation features provide quick access to any EEG trace fragment.

The recordings are analyzed using the most modern analysis techniques implemented in the software – rhythm wave amplitude analysis, spectral and bispectral analysis, correlation and coherent analysis, wavelet analysis, periodometric analysis, independent component analysis (ICA)

Features of Neuron-Spectrum 61 to 65

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