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Neuron-Spectrum digital EEG systems are modern, high-quality, high-tech medical devices that meet the demands of a wide range of users, from private physicians to hospitals and neurophysiological researchers.

High quality recording through hardware and software solutions. The sampling frequency of the EEG signals is 5000 Hz maximum per channel, the A/D conversion on 16 bits, the noise level is lower than 0,3 µV.

The mathematical process of the received data includes mapping, spectral coherence and periodimetric analysis and automatic report generation. The EEG is displayed on the computer screen with a resolution of up to 2560×1600 pixels and is printed on standard paper. The impedances are displayed on the front of the device.

Neuron-Spectrum digital EEG units can be supplied with the following options: polysomnography study; evoked potential study; heart rate variability study; external unit for SpO2 recording.

The sampling frequency of the EEG is 5000 Hz max, the noise level is less than 0.3µV

A high sampling rate allows the recording of high frequency components without distortion of sharp EEG components or abrupt amplitude variations.

The low noise level gives the possibility to apply little or no filtering. The result is to save a maximum of useful information in the initial signal.

Any electrode can be used as a reference, and bipolar leads can be recorded without placing any reference electrode such as ear electrodes.

Impedance indication on the front panel

The impedance indication on the front panel reduces the patient preparation time for the examination while preserving a high quality of recording.

Connector for standard EEG cap

If you are using an EEG cap, you will not have to use an adapter or anything else, just plug it into the standard connector.

Touch Proof connector and alligator clips with cords

Touchproof connectors and alligator clips compatible with most cables and electrodes are used to connect the electrodes.

Small size and possibility to work in unshielded rooms

The Neuron-Spectrum digital EEG systems can be used in any room. This significantly reduces the cost of preparing the recording room, and increases handling convenience and patient comfort. The small size of the device allows mobility.

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