Neuron Spectrum 4/EPM


21 EEG channels + 9 channels to record all EOG signals to a low latency EP.

Impedance measurement button on the EEG unit.


The main difference between Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM and other digital EEG and EP systems is that it is already equipped with the stimulator set for evoked potential (EP) acquisition.

The Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM system can also be upgraded to a full 4-channel EMG device.

The device is equipped with :

  • 21 EEG channels
  • 4 polygraphic channels with a sampling rate of up to 16,000 Hz
  • 1 ECG channel
  • 1 breathing channel
  • 2 DC channels (in most cases used to record data from position sensors)
  • Visual, auditory and electrical stimulators
  • Additional SpO2 channel can be integrated at your request

The high quality amplifier can be used for :

  • Routine EEG
  • Long-term EEG monitoring
  • Evoked potential study of all modalities (somatosensory, visual, auditory or cognitive)
  • Scientific research

Impedance measurement button on the EEG unit :

It allows a physician to measure impedance on the spot right after placing electrodes on a patient.

The impedance values of all electrodes are indicated on the front panel by colored LED indicators.

In addition, this button allows you to monitor and record EEG signals.

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