logiciel video eeg neuromed

Présentation du EEG video software

Long-term recording synchronized with EEG, possibility to use up to 3 cameras.

Control of the camera position (“tracking”) and zoom from the computer, programming of 6 preliminary camera position presets.

Night video surveillance with the use of a special video camera or infrared highlighting.

Instant compression of video and audio information.

Mark arbitrary events during recording.

Compressed representation (on a screen) of the recorded EEG (as EEG parameter trends or pseudo-3D spectrum), instant positioning on the EEG with a mouse click on the trend graph.

The reading program is free of charge (without license).

The Neuron Spectrum Video software is included in the Neuron-Spectrum-PSG program delivery package for the study of polysomnography.

The Neuron-Spectrum-Video software also includes digital zooming (in/out) of image fragments and editing of EEG and video fragments.

Appareils compatibles avec le EEG video software